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Our Unique Process

Sometimes the marketing process can feel confusing. When working with our team, we set up a crystal clear treatment plan strategy that makes sense and is proven to work. It follows all the needed steps in developing a long-lasting and comprehensive marketing plan. There are no secrets, the plan is here. Take 5 minutes and read through below. Is your group properly executing all of the steps? If not, we’re here to get you on track as a partner for your medical practice or healthcare facility..

Setup, Goals & Design

Does your practice really have a brand? Work directly with our brand development team and either create or refresh your practices brand-style, website, content, mission and goals to best connect with patients.

Organized & Secure Communication

All website forms and patient messages should be 100% secure, HIPAA-Compliant and live in one secure portal so that your practice never loses a patient lead. Our platform makes triaging and organizing patient messages and leads effortless. This step is critical for revenue.

Connect With Ideal Patients

Once your practices brand is optimized, and you have an organized system for lead communication, the next step is to enable our PracticeSync Reputation Management Technology that will quickly get your practices entire online presence in order and ready for patient traffic. We then employ a range of digital and traditional marketing efforts to connect your practice to patients in need of your services.

Lead Nurturing/Automated Follow-Ups

What happens after your practice receives a lead? Most practices do very little. Our PracticeDash technology is an incredibly powerful and fully customizable Patient Relationship Manager that increases new bookings and boosts profits by automating custom potential-patient follow up communications through text, email, phone calls and more to move from a lead to a patient.

Analysis, Volumes & ROI Tracking

Once we finish building your practice this well-oiled machine to generate qualified patients, we then create on-going easy to understand reports with our online dashboard to provide your practice with proprietary information on what is happening within your specific specialty and geographical area. Each month is an amazing learning opportunity to analyze new data which we consistently use to make key marketing decisions in an effort to always improve results for your specific practices goals.

We're not just a marketing agency for medical practices.


That categorization lacks our mission and what moves us to do the work we do.


Thanks to dedicated physicians, in many cases patients can receive incredible life-changing care.


Here are some facts. First, most people are delayed-action when it comes to their own healthcare. This means people live with these discomforts for far too long. Second, typically patients cannot easily and efficiently connect with the right healthcare provider. This presents a serious problem for both patients and doctors. When we partner with a medical practice, we provide the resources, plans and strategy to consistently connect patients with physicians.


We are not only interested in all the nuances of modern marketing. We also study psychology, sociology and many other areas that make up the behavior patterns for patient decision making. These behaviors are studied in an effort to learn why people live in pain longer than they may need to and what exactly motivates them to take the first steps in seeking care. Furthermore, how do they go about seeking care when they are ready?


Our understanding of how to inspire a patient to take action is made possible by our intrinsic abilities to be empaths. Our staff is curated specifically with people who have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. We understand patients not just because we study analytical data, but also because we have spent thousands of hours with them, hearing their detailed stories, processes, derailments, and achievements.


It is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling to connect a patient in need with a doctor who can help them. We’ve seen and been a part of many wonderful success stories over the last 10+ years. That is what motivates us and that is what makes our organization very different from the rest.


Aaron M. Buch, Founder & CEO

More About Patients.com:

We’ve spent several years building an incredible all-in-one healthcare marketing and practice growth program that combines the experience of our expert medical marketing team with the power of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We know your practice will love it.

Our Solutions:

  • are easy to measure success
  • are fully HIPAA compliant
  • are backed by a comprehensive Medical Advisory Board of physicians
  • come with a dedicated account manager
  • have proven to build and grow practices

Quick Facts:

  • We work exclusively in the healthcare field.
  • We’ve filmed over 850 patient testimonials. This means we’ve spent around 2500 hours learning how patients think, and what drives them to make difficult decisions.
  • We’ve managed 100’s of millions in digital ad spend. This also has taught us incredible information on how patients think and behave online when going through phases of searching for a treatment and then a doctor.
  • We built Patients.com to give practices an all-in-one digital growth platform that contains everything needed to grow all size practices. Executing strategic plans for individual physician practices to small groups to full healthcare systems.