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Increase ideal surgical cases and prevent burnout by seeing the right patients for your specific practice.

No other agency in the world understands the depth of online patient behavior the way our Healthcare Ad Campaign Team does.
Our proprietary data has been compiled for 15+ years and continues to grow every minute.


Schedule Overview

Ad Campaign Possibilities 

Our team specializes in highly-focused advertising campaigns on the world’s top engagement platforms.

With the proper campaign targeting, we connect the right patients with the right doctors, reducing patient burnout, increasing margins, and expediting patient care.

Search Engine Ads

We are premier partners with Google and other major platforms. We specialize in managing campaigns on places like Google Search, Microsoft (Bing Search), and others.

Social Media Ads

We are partners with Meta (Facebook), and Instagram and work with Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and various other social networks to suggest your practices’ services to targeted patients based on their interest, purchase behavior, location, demographics, income and a variety of other important parameters.


OTT = Over-The-Top
CTV = Connected TV

In short, these are ads paid-media ads on streaming networks delivered directly to patients on a variety of devices like smartphones, TVs, and gaming consoles in an unskippable environment. These ads can be highly effective as they are targeted to specific demographics based on interest and other factors.

We advertise on the world’s top streaming platforms including Hulu, Roku, Sling, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, and Apple TV, and include major networks like CBS, NBC, Fox, Discovery, MLB, and IBM Watson Advertising just to name a few!

Learn more about OTT & CTV Ads


YouTube Ads

Video advertising on YouTube is different from other platforms like Google or Facebook Ads because of the way a view is counted: You only pay for a view if the user passes the 30-second mark or watches the entire video. There are also many options on how to place the advertisement which our team decides based on the best practice of the goal. Options include unskippable, skippable, display, overlay, midroll, sponsored cards, and others.

Pre-Launch Notes:

Before we launch any campaigns, we always agree on the following:

  • What campaign success looks like for your specific practice
  • Ideal patients (age, locations, needs, etc)
  • How we’ll prove a clear ROI to your team
  • Campaign forecast and desired outcomes

Our Online Advertising & Paid Media Teams Manage Ads on Many Popular Platforms


of patients find their doctor online

  • If you previously ran your own ads or had another agency run ads unsuccessfully, don’t give up. Unfortunately, most agencies don’t understand online patient behavior and treat healthcare campaigns like other companies, and that doesn’t work. You can talk directly with similar practices who work with Patients.com about their success and ROI with paid ads.


  • Yes! Potential patients click ads. Google made 125 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 from Ads alone. Google Ads is the fastest way to reach patients looking for a physician.


  • We deploy unique online campaigns that allow your practice to be found for patients ready to schedule and stay top of mind for patients in the process of searching for the right provider.


  • Our team of highly-trained Campaign Analysts has perfected the process of connecting our clients to niche, qualified and ideal patients.


  • Patients.com is trusted by hundreds of practices all over the country to position their practice to be found by ideal patients.


  • Our campaigns dramatically increase brand awareness and generate interest from new patients.


  • We create and deploy specific ads for specific patients.


  • We continuously test our ad campaigns to thrive with the latest online behavior trends of patients.

Search Campaigns:


  • We create and deploy specific ads for specific audiences. Then continuously test them for the lifetime of your campaign.
  • Control costs, measure success and connect with patients looking for your services
  • Generate immediate practice exposure to targeted patients
  • Build measurable practice awareness
  • Pay only when patients interact with ad
  • The fastest results and ROI
  • Ultimate control over searched keywords
  • Work with the Patients.com search advertising team

Social Campaigns:

  • We create and deploy specific ads for specific audiences. Then continuously test them for the lifetime of your campaign.
  • Our approach to social media advertising is unique and and far more advanced as compared to other agencies.
  • We connect your practice brand with ideal patients looking for your service
  • Our campaigns also help to increase SEO rankings
  • We have ultimate control over our patient audience including demographics, location, Interests, behavior and more.

We’re partners with Google, and most of us previously worked at Google Ad Headquarters.

So, we know our way around quite well. 😄

Google’s seal of approval has real benefits for your practice since they place higher standards and expectations on their Partners.

Google has put its name behind our agency’s healthcare marketing experts who manage your practice’s digital advertising programs.

Proven Performance and Revenue Growth
As a partner, we need to continuously prove ourselves to Google. We manage significant quarterly advertising budgets that are directly reviewed and approved by Google.

All marketing investments must lead to clear results. Our campaigns must convert at a higher rate, which means we constantly monitor the quality and performance of ads to make sure they consistently lead to revenue growth for our clients.

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