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Case Study: Practice reviews

The Power of Our PracticeReviews Program.

The Patients.com PracticeReviews program was designed to promote patient trust and practice visibility by increasing patient reviews in a modern, efficient and fully automated process. 


How We Added Nearly 1,000 4.5+ Star Reviews To A Medical Practice in Less Than 3 months.

  • Main practice Google My Business added 615 new 4.5+ star reviews from real patients 
  • The physician Google profiles added over 372 new 4.5+ star reviews as well
  • Total: 987 new reviews across Google since the practice began using our Patients.com – PracticeReview software. 
  • This directly helped the practices Google Ads conversion rates by over 35%.

case study Details

Let’s dig a bit further.


A 10-doctor orthopedic group located in the NY/NJ area contacted Patients.com in an effort to increase their practices reviews on Google, in an effort to show off their incredible team and build trust amongst potential patients.


1. Our HIPAA-Compliant review system integrates with your practices EHR system. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

2. We then link your practice and physicians directory profiles with the PracticeReviews dashboard.

3. Once all profiles are linked, our system will automatically begin inviting patients to leave reviews via text message and email.

4. We can direct reviews to physician profiles or the practice profiles (or a mixture) depending on what listings need to be boosted.

5. Access your dashboard and review your data. Our system helps promote good relationships with patients by highlighting and organizing what patients like and don’t like about your practices.


“We saw a huge jump in patient reviews within the first 60 days, and that increase has continued to be maintained to date!”

Lisa, Practice Administrator