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The Power of Practice Campaigns

Our unique and proprietary program was designed to achieve practice visibility and increased ideal-patient volume in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Our medical marketing experts are unrivaled in their ability to understand patient behavior, execute laser-focused targeting, and deploy clear results that transform practices.

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How We Grew An Orthopedic Practice’s Visibility by over 5,000% in 30 days to Highly-Specific Patients.

  • Site clicks grew 2,800% within 30 days in the clients targeted market. 
  • Online brand impressions grew by over 5,000% within 30 days.
  • Clicks: 37K website clicks/month
  • Impressions: 2.3 Million/month

case study Details

Let’s dig a bit further.


A 10-doctor orthopedic group located in the NY/NJ area contacted Patients.com in an effort to increase their brands visibility and targeted patient volumes.


We’ve worked with numerous orthopedic groups over the past decade plus, and we understand orthopedic patient behavior and psychology. There are generally two core types of orthopedic patients. The first, we call immediate action. These are the patients who are in severe pain, seek a solution, and make a decision rather quickly (in less than a week). The marketing-speak for this is having a patient “travel through the funnel” quickly. The second group moves much slower for a specific set of reasons (we have coined them as delayed action) and the majority of patients in need of orthopedic care under this category. With that said, our digital marketing strategy had to primarily focus on catering to this type of patient. 

  • Increased practice awareness amongst ideal patients
  • Increased appointment requests by over 50%

Avg. Monthly Click Volume


AVG. Monthly Brand impressions





“We saw a huge jump in patient volume within the first 30 days, and that increase has continued to be maintained for about 3 years.”

Lisa, Practice Administrator