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Nearly everyone claims to be an expert, and 99% simply aren’t.

There are so many sales people claiming they or their company is the “best, top, yada, yada, marketing guru.”

It’s exhausting, right? All the noise, all the exaggerations. The wasted time.

And you, as a doctor or practice administrator don’t have millions in the budget to go directly to Madison Avenue for a top agency. So, you settle for the local agency, or the company who likely had the best sales pitch.

We’ll build your practice by blah blah. We increase patients by blah blah.

Clicks don’t matter. Impressions don’t matter. It’s all fluff.

Real (trackable) patient conversions matter.

We can almost guarantee with certainty that the company you hired doesn’t understand how to work with medical practices and doctors, often with an array of opinions.

They haven’t done it before. We have.

And yes, we’re shaming them. It’s okay, deserve it. They either lied or sensationalized to get your money.

Now that we’ve established the process is brutal…

How can you fix it?


Better navigate it? Find a company that does what they say they will do?

Sure, you could just hire us, but we don’t want that (yet). We want clients who have vetted us and are excited to work with us, because they truly know we’re the real deal.

We do NOT want clients who are skeptical and aren’t sure if they made the right decision. This leads us to to portfolios and recent work.

So, what do you look for in a medical marketing agency?

1.) Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio!

2.) References, References, References!

3.) Find out if they actually have a clue about YOUR specialty. Hint: they probably don’t. You’re likely going to talk to a salesperson who specializes in…well, selling. And no, we don’t do that here at Patients.com

4.) Look at similar projects and ask questions. Remember, anyone can design a website, but can they bring you original ideas to differentiate your practice? It’s doubtful. Why? Because it’s actually a difficult thing to do that requires real experience, creativity, and knowing how to work with doctors and uncover the hidden elements that make them different. And yes, we do that. Quite well. Again, don’t believe us, of course, we say we’re good. Ask our clients. See what they have to say. And no, we don’t pay them to say nice things. They pay us. They say nice things because we do good work and are refreshing to work with.

5.) Be clear about what they will deliver and what you have to do. Because physicians and surgeons don’t have time to project manage the project they hired someone else to manage it.
And allow me to sneak this one in here, don’t be cheap (sorry to be blunt). Properly vet, do some homework, and then hire a good agency you are confident in. Don’t get sold on something, get truly informed.

Our concierge-level clients invest in their practice brand, marketing, and positioning because they believe in the process and then they see the ROI.

Do it right the first time.

Every practice we’ve worked with has. You’re not alone if that helps.

You can still do it right, and work with a team that is here, at your side and that actually delivers and can prove it, before you sign an agreement.

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